Hong Kong nights 

After a long flight, we arrived at our hotel around 8pm on Saturday night. No sooner had our car stopped than the hotel staff sprung into action welcoming us to Hong Hong. The hotel is amazing. It’s fantastic being here after so many months of planning. Our rooms are stunning both with harbour views. Ours has a lovely little balcony with wooden beds to lounge around on. I reckon we are going to enjoy watching the harbour from those seats. 

We had a quiet drink in the bar and enjoyed quite a light show from across the harbour. There was live music and singing. We were all pretty tired so not the liveliest evening we’ve ever had. The girls headed to bed as they all needed to sleep. 

Always up for a night time stroll, me, Alex and Greg went for a little wander to get our bearings. We somehow ended up in a bar that was part of a German restaurant. Bizarrely,  it seemed to be the place to go if it was your birthday! We must have had five dubious renditions of happy birthday. We decided to leave after the house band started warbling to Lady Ga Ga tunes 🙉. 

Most of the shops were still opened even though it was getting late. Feeling a bit peckish, we plucked up the courage to try out a little food place. It was jam packed and the food smelled delicious. We squashed onto the edge of a little table and ordered some food. Alex and Greg had mega spicy curry and I had sweet and sour prawns all washed down with jasmine tea. All very tasty and just what we needed. The roof of my mouth still hurts from the heat of my volcanic hot prawns. 

Needless to say, none is us slept very well. It’s still dark as I blog at 5am. Can’t wait till the sun starts to rise and we can get out and explore! We have Sunday brunch booked for 12. I reckon after a lovely walk around the city, we’ll be more than ready for that! 

Thanks to Greg for this photo. This is the view from our room 😀😀


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