Sunday Sunday 

As predicted, our Sunday morning began around 4 am when I awoke from about 3 hours sleep. Think I may have written a half asleep blog around then 😝. 

Even though it was still dark and cold, I sat outside on our balcony for a while. I quickly gave up that idea and went back to bed. I did manage to sleep a bit more before I was rudely awoken by our hotel phone ringing. It gave me such a shock that I barely knew how to answer it. *Insert here first time my office phone rang, T101 gang. Imagine my excitement 🤗

So off we all trotted for a walking tour of Hong Kong. I suppose I knew it was going to be a mixture of high rise and modern buildings like most cities. And I expect most cities aren’t exactly at their best on a Sunday morning. Modern architecture isn’t my favourite I’ll admit. And much of the living accommodation isn’t exactly desirable. But somehow in the midst of all this suburbia, we stumbled upon the oasis that is Koowlan Park. Fitness trails, tai chi, warriors with swords all exercising in the glorious leafy park. Trees with incredible roots stood  so very tall against the high rised landscape. 

There were tortoises (my favourites) all standing in a line. My heart leapt with joy. 

The park was full of people being at one with nature. I love yoga and well being and to see so many people tuning their bodies with the rhythm of the park was incredible.

Next we found the aviary with beautiful colourful birds all filling the air with their singing and squawking as it their way. Obviously we simply had to go and see the flamingoes 🙂.  

The highlight for me here was all the families obviously on some sort of Christmas treasure hunt with clues etc singing along to London Bridge is falling down and the little boy who liked to say hello 😍. 

After all that walking, we had worked up an appetite for Sunday brunch at our hotel. Wherever the Young family is, food is usually a major part of the proceedings. The food didn’t disappoint – lobster, sushi, crab, oysters ….. the list was endless. Complete with free flowing 🍾. 

I am always immensely proud of the way our girls will try almost any food. Of course we had the usual ‘try this mummy, it’s really lovely.’ Reply to amazingly angelic daughter  ‘Looks like watermelon to me’. Probably the only food I can’t eat! And yes I fell into the trap. Once again 😝. 

I am embarrassed to admit that I didn’t sample the cheeses. What a lightweight! 

Now as we sit here on our balcony in the warm glow of the afternoon sun, I am reminded of how utterly privledged I am to have such an amazing family who appecriate not only beautiful places but the amazing moments that we share. These will be treasured by me and I sincerely hope them, for a long time. 


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