Island days 

We’ve had an action packed few days in Hong Kong. No trip would have been complete without a trip (or two!) on the star ferry to Hong Kong island and the tram to The Peak. 

We had an amazing time looking at the views of the harbour from very high above in the skyline. Photos to follow. Having opted for the easy way up,  it would have been rude not to investigate the footpath down complete with close up views of the landmarks we’d been looking at from the other side of the harbour.  The incline was steep in places although well worth the glimpse we had of the ridiculously high rised buildings. We were ready for our well earned drink in the bar at the bottom and glad to sit down. I’m not sure if any of us sampled the monkey nuts that were on the table. There were plenty of discarded shells on the floor so I suppose they were popular with the previous customers.

Me and Alex spent today on Lamma Island, a quaint little fishing village just a short ferry trip away from our hotel.  Peaceful hilltop walks, ancient temples and stunning beaches made a welcome change from the hussle of Hong Kong itself. 

The end of our walk was a village with many seafood restaurants all serving the catch of the day. After hearing the story for years, I finally got to see prawns as big as Alex’s hands. Think we may have had a few for lunch 😋.

The girls and Greg decided to go to a theme park for the day. They had a fabulous time enjoying the thrills and excitement of the rides. Georgia got to make friends with a crocodile or two in the animal park. They safely found their way back to the hotel feeling tired and hungry. We’ve yet to find out what took so long to get back – I detect they have have got a little lost. 

Hong Kong is a city full of buzz, activity and interesting things to see. Evening time is a great time to explore the markets and wander through the busy streets. 

Tomorrow is our last day here before we head back to the airport to get our night flight to Melbourne for the next stage of our adventure. 


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