We are family 

    The main reason for this trip is to travel to Sydney for my nephew’s wedding. We are now off to Melbourne to spend Christmas with my sister and her family. It’s the first time we’ve visited Australia and we are all very excited to see everyone, especially my niece Zoe. 

    This got me thinking about family time and the special bond that I have with those that I spent my formative years. My earliest relationships taught me how to be a daughter, a sister and a friend. Doubtless these experiences developed my character, personality and made me appreciate the qualities that make for long lasting friendships. 

    I have many precious family memories of good times, bad times, funny times and even the most mundane of times. Over the years this has made a strong connection between me, my sister and brother with many shared behaviours and traits. I love that we can share a single word and before we know it, we are transported to a different time laughing as we rush to fill in the details and relive the silliness. I love that we each know the exact narrative of the story complete with added embellishments from many tellings for comic effect. 

    Families are organic, ever changing and growing. Inevitably, some of the original family members are sadly no longer with us. I am extremely blessed to have my own precious family now. At the last count I have one husband, three beautiful daughters, three brother in laws (and their gorgeous wives) and countless nieces and nephews. The latest addition will be Sophie when her and Jack get married in a few weeks time. Greg, Jessica’s boyfriend, has officially passed phase one of the Young’s initiation test by putting up with us all for a week.

    Then there’s my surrogate family of friends that I spend most of my daily life with. These are the people who see me at my most authentic self. Some of you I don’t get to see all that often any more. Some of you are on-line friends. At times, it can be easier to share things with people that aren’t directly part of my life.  Chances are if you are reading this, you fall into one of the above categories and are important, cherished and loved by me. 

    No matter how you found yourself  in my life, my friends have become my extended family and are treasured and loved for their friendship, loyalty and support. You are the ones that I share my every day stuff with, the regular highs and lows. You are the family that I have chosen for myself. 

    I am extremely glad that you are all part of my family; of the memories that we already have and the ones we will continue to make together.  

    We are family. 


    One thought on “We are family 

    1. You are right family does not inevitably mean blood relations, friends, good close friends are most definitely family to.

      Having said all that YOU are my family. YOU are my sister. We may not speak quite as much as we should do but despite this i know you are always there for me and i for you.

      I cannot wait to have you here to share in the next chapter of the Gilligan/ Maxwell family.

      See you all soon x


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