Melbourne Christmas 

We’ve spent a lovely few days with my sister and her family in Melbourne. We spent some time exploring Melbourne which is a beautiful and interesting city full of parks, museums and good restaurants. Plenty to keep us amused for a while.

We took my niece to see the annual spectacle that is Myers Christmas window. We didn’t mind standing in the queue for us all to see a Christmas story by a local author come to life behind the windows. The sun was shining and a jazz band was playing so it really wasn’t too difficult 😎.

One of my favourite trips so far as been a visit to a penguin conservation centre in Philip Island. It was quite an adventure getting there as we took a ferry then a bit of a drive. Every night in summer as the sun sets a group of up to a few thousand penguins come out of the water and onto the beach at Philip Island. They then waddle up the path to their burrows on the island. It was a spectacular sight watching the little groups huddle together and almost comically run up the path back to their homes. The staff were incredibly knowledgable and more than happy to chat. We were not able to take photos so as not to distrub the penguins and to persevere their  natural habitat.

Christmas Day started early with my 9 year old niece most excited about Santa’s arrival. We then went to St Kilda’s beach for a few hours and had a fantastic time kicking around in the sand. A bit different from our usual Christmas Day with temperatures soaring to 39 degrees. We simply had to stop for ice cream on the drive home. The shop assistant was very patient with us as we struggled to pick our flavours. 

The rest of the day was a pretty typical occasion with much food and merriment. The games of uno and monopoly definately brought out the competitive streak in some family members. No names to protect the innocent 😉.

The next few days were spent visiting Melbourne and basically chilling out. We particularly enjoyed the Botanical gardens and the Shrine of Rememberance. 

We are now driving from Melbourne to Sydney. We’ll take a few days with some over night stops along the way. The scenic route is usually the best!


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