The long way round 

Our drive from Melbourne to Sydney continues with many great views along the way. The contrast between sheletered, calm beaches and the rugged, craggy coastline was incredible. Most of the beaches were very quiet and unspoilt; it’s easy to see why this is called the Sapphire Coast.

The rocks on the coastline seemed to have changed colour now to an earthy brown. We were treated to spectacular scenes round almost every corner. 

Traditional fishing towns are dotted along the coast. People were fishing with rods and nets at almost every river. We’ve eaten lots of delicious seafood on this holiday especially oysters. 

What struck me as we drove up many winding hill roads through high trees was how green and almost like a rain forest this part of Australia is. You can see from the charred trees and bushes the impact of forest fires over the years. There’s a sense of space in the vast countryside; space to take in and appreciate the views, plants and animals along the way. We’ve spotted kangaroos, black swans and pelicans. Best we don’t mention the flies, mosquitos and creepy crawlies. 

We are very lucky to have had the time to drive this route to Sydney. We could have gone directly in a day but we would have missed so much of this beautiful, immense countryside. Tomorrow will be the last stage of our drive and we will end up in Sydney. We’ll have a bit of time to explore before the merriment of the wedding preparations begin. 


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